For most people buying and selling a property can be a stressful process and a biggest financial undertaking. At Gulsen & Co our conveyancing lawyers are aware of the importance this transaction is to you. We can help you achieve your requirements as efficiently as possible, while providing sound legal advice, thoroughly and accurately at the highest standards of service and keep you in touch with progress throughout at a competitive price. Road traffic accident claims include accidents involving:

Residential Conveyancing
We deal with the following:
● Buying of leasehold and freehold properties
● Selling of leasehold and freehold properties
● Shared Ownership
● Re-mortgage
● Extension and variation of Leases
● Transfer of Equity
● Leasehold enfranchisement
● Release of equity

Commercial Conveyancing
● Variations and surrenders of leases
● Business lease renewals
● Licensed premises
● Letting & sub-letting of business premises
● Acquisitions and disposals.

“At Gulsen & Co each and every employee of the firm is personally dedicated to understand the client’s objectives and problems in order to serve them with a quality and efficient service.”

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Landlord & Tenant

The Landlord and Tenant Law is both extensive and complicated, the pitfalls many and deep however at Gulsen and Co we have considerable number of years of experience and expertise in this area of law and are able to give you a sound, practical and cost efficient advice to help you avoid common pitfalls whether you are a landlord or a tenant.
We specialise in the following matters including:

● Tenancy Agreements
● Tenancy Disputes
● Issuing proceedings for the possession of premises
● Removal of unauthorised occupants
● Lease Negotiations, Variations & Renewals
● Subletting & Assignments
● Rent Reviews/Rent Arrears
● Recover of Service Charges
● Enforcement of covenants
● Forfeiture of a lease

As a landlord

● What are my responsibilities as a landlord?
● How to evict a difficult or a bad tenant?
● My tenant stopped paying the rent – how can I recover the rent arrears?
● What can I do if I want a tenant to leave before the expiry of his Tenancy Agreement?
● What to do if the tenant wants to leave before the expiry of his Tenancy Agreement?

As a tenant
● What are my responsibilities as a tenant?
● How to get my deposit back from a difficult landlord?
● Who is responsible for carrying out repairs in the property?
● Do landlords have legal obligation to ensure the safety of tenants?
● What can I do if my landlord is trying to evict me and repossess the property?
● How can I ensure that my landlord provides the services he said he would provide?
● I want to sublet my property what do I do?
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